Monday, May 21, 2007

A pee-pee story

There are those things people tell you might happen, but you don't ever do anything about them until they actually happen.

This weekend we enjoyed our first trip this season to our community pool. It was a beautiful day, and the kids were actually enjoying themselves - Dylan was even going down one of the little kid slides completely on his own. Kyle had been a bit more timid, but after a while he discovered the bubblers that send spouts of water about two feet into the air, and I had to grab my camera. Leaving Michael with the boys, I ventured back to our lounge chairs.

On my way back across the pool play area, I could see Kyle stepping on top of each bubbler, joyfully making the water disappear and then reappear with his foot. Michael was sitting on a mini lounge chair that sits at the edge of the beach-style entry to the pool, sort of staring off into space, enjoying the sun and the water. Dylan had taken a break from playing and was now - and this is the picture I have as I stand roughly 30 feet away - revealing parts of his body and had begun to pee on a palm tree nestled near the edge of the pool. Around him children are playing, adults are tanning, gossipping, chasing down other children. Kids are splashing. My kid is peeing. In public. At the pool. Thankfully, he wasn't peeing in the pool, but still ....

After a shout out to Michael, Dylan was scooped up and taken to the bathroom with a total look of shock on his face. It's the same look I see when Kyle is doing something he shouldn't and instead of saying, "Kyle!" I bellow "Dylan!" accidently and completely baffle poor Dylan who is on the other side of the room doing something perfectly normal and nice and not at all mischievious.

Michael lets the kids pee outside, my parents let the kids pee outside when they are in the pool, and even I have pulled my car over so a barely potty-trained kid can relieve himself by the side of the road. So after all of these experiences, it makes sense that my kid would think it perfectly normal to pee outside.

This would never have happened had I had twin girls.


Anonymous said...

Last Thursday, when we had the boys over, we spent part of the afternoon in our backyard pool. And YES, when Dylan needed to go "pee-pee", we told him to urinate by the plants on the side of the pool. I guess that he REALLY LISTENS! Sorry!


Laurie said...

Actually, I remember the car pulling over to the side of the road and "swinging" in my Mom's arms while I relieved myself when I was a very, little girl. You would still have to pull over if you had twin girls, and, you'd have to keep T.P. in the car!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I had a friend when we were about 14 and my dad had a water tower that was about 35’ high with a tank on top. I used to climb on it. My friend was over visiting and I suggested we climb the tower. He went up first and I followed. But when he got almost to the top, he pulled out his johnson and started peeing down on me. I instantly got fighting mad. I jumped down off the tower and started throwing rocks at him in a rage. I was really mad and was throwing them as hard as I could. Some of them hit the metal columns of the tower with a loud DING! Needless to say, my ex-friend was scared that one was going to hit him. He slid down off the tower. I just went into my house and shut the door and left him standing there.